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Winter Rave Essentials: Cool Accessories to Wear

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

The winter chill is here but you can still look hot at your next event with some stylish and practical winter rave essentials. Let's have a look at some cool accessories to wear at your next rave or festival that will not only keep you warm but add a touch of winter magic.

FYI - some of these links are Amazon affiliate links which means I receive a small commission (at no cost to you). It's just one way you can support my blog 💖

Faux Fur Hat or Ear Muffs

Most heat from your body escapes out of your head so start by keeping your head and ears cozy with furry ear muffs or faux fur hat. Opt for vibrant faux fur in funky colors to make a bold statement or compliment the rest of your outfit.

Faux Fur Bucket Hats

Furry Earmuffs Faux Fur Bunny Ears Beanie Kawaii Bear Balaclava

LED Gloves & Faux Fur Accessories

Brighten up the cold night with LED gloves that illuminate your every move. These accessories not only keep your hands toasty but also turn them into mesmerizing light shows. There are also other accessories with LED and faux fur to help keep you warm and turn you into your own little light show.

LED Fingerless Gloves LED Leg Warmers

LED Faux Fur Hood LED Faux Fur Bao

Faux Fur Cuffs Faux Fur Glasses Faux Fur Stap Top Faux Fur LED Vest Faux Fur LED Skirt Faux Fur Pom Pom Earrings


Of course, we couldn't have this list without mentioning pashminas. They are the perfect accessories to help keep you warm. There are so many fun colors and prints of pashminas on Amazon, there are even pashmina style ponchos!

Pashmina Poncho

Icicle Vibe Jewelry

Dazzle under the dance floor lights with icicle-inspired jewelry. Think glittering crystals, rhinestones, silver chains, and clear acrylic for earrings, necklaces, body chains, and crowns.

Icicle Crown Ice Cub Earrings

Acrylic Snowflake Earrings Rhinestone Body Chains Rhinestone Choker Necklace

Funky Leg Warmers & Leggings

Keep those limbs warm without sacrificing style. Choose leg warmers or leggings in funky patterns or bold colors that complement your rave outfit. You can also wear fleece-lined tights if you still want a bare-leg look but don't want to be cold.

Knit Leg Warmers Faux Fur Leg Warmers Fleece Lined Tights Snow Flake Leggings

Gear up for a winter rave that's as hot as the summer nights with these winter accessories.

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